Easter Craft Ideas

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Easter table centrepiece

This is a super simply way to jazz up your easter lunch with this beautiful centrepiece creation that is popular with the kids when dessert comes around.

We created two difference designs depending on the style and size your looking for.

What you will need:

1. Toilet Roll cores
2. Glass Jar or vase
3. FlusheD ECO bamboo toilet paper wrapper
4. Shredded paper ( this is optional)
5. Variety of easter eggs. (We used 500g bag and mixed bag of bunnies.) It will depend on your size.
6. Fresh or artifical flowers with long stems.

How to do

1. Grab your vase and insert the core in the middle standing up. You may need to tape 2 cores together if your vase is long.

2. Layer the bottom using FlusheD ECO bamboo toilet paper wrappers.

3. Add a layer of shredded paper. We used green to get a grass look.

4. Place your eggs around the core ensuring not to let any fall in the middle. We used bunnies here but you can use what you like.

5. Add another layer of shredded paper to get a layerd look.

6. Top up vase with choccolate eggs. We used small ones but depending on your vase size, large or mixed sizes would work well.

7. Insert your flowers. We used both real flowers from our garden and artificial ones to get a different look.


Watch our video here