Seabin Project – Cleaning our oceans

Because we care about our future, our environment, your pipes, your money

Why the Seabin Project

Cleaning our oceans one roll at a time.

FlusheD ECO is not just about soft toilet paper that is eco-friendly and tree free.

It’s purpose was really to start educating our community and bringing awareness to the astronimical amounts of plastic that is entering our water ways each day.

We wanted to give every day people the opportunity to make a difference by purchasing a simple every day item

We chose to sponsor a seabin through the Seabin Project because we knew this technology really was cleaning the ocean and it has the data to prove it.

Each Seabin as the capability to catch

90,000 plastic bags per year
35,700 disposable cups per year
16,500 plastic bottles every year
166,500 plastuc utensils including straws every year.

So everytime you buy FlusheD ECO bamboo toilet paper, you are not only helping us fund our current seabin located in Sydney, but your also giving us the opportunity to fund multiple seabins in all states in Australia in the future.

That’s pretty exciting.

Innovative smart bin that is designed to collect ocean waste, oil, fuel and unwanted biomass.

Seabin Project is an environmental start-up using technology, science and education to help minimise and remove the plastics and waste that end up in our oceans.

Underpinning Seabin Project is their technology
The Seabin is a capture/monitoring device using “skimmer” technology for upstream locations, installed in highly visual marine debris accumulation points.

Currently over 1000 units are installed in 53 countries.

Global impact is 4.6 tonnes captured and 600 million litres of water filtered each day.
The cost to run per day is less than a cup of coffee.

Coupled with a data program, Seabin are able to effectively measure the waste we remove and monitor trends and the overall water health.

Seabin Project works with communities; big and small business; government; educational bodies; and local council, bringing people together for the common goal of cleaner oceans. “

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