Why Bamboo?

Because we care about our future, our environment, your pipes, your money

Bamboo Facts

Why we think Bamboo is best.

Consumers are becoming more and more Eco-friendly conscience.

When choosing the right products for their home or business the environment and sustainability is top of mind.

Bamboo is a material that is slowly becoming more and more popular as a more sustainable option with bamboo toilet paper being a hot topic for consideration.


As plumbing experts we believe that currently, Bamboo is the better alternative when it comes to toilet paper and your sewer pipes but there are so many other benefits to this green stick like beauty. Here are just a few…

Bamboo toilet paper breaks down much better than traditional – and even recycled – toilet paper. A thin sheet of bamboo toilet paper will promptly and naturally decompose, leaving no trace of existence – on the planet or in your pipes

Bamboo is named in the Guinness book of records as the fastest growing plant and although it produces strong natural fibres it can be used to create durable tissue and towels

Bamboo is mostly grown in tropical climate. It is fastest growing plant with less water and least pesticides. It grows 10-15 feet tall then it is cut down and dried which is sent out for chipping and pulping.

Water requirements for the growth of bamboo are far lower which in turn save water consumption

Bamboo re-grows without replanting.

Bamboo requires no additional chemicals to give it physical strength and softness. It is not bleached and is naturally anti-microbial. It is a purely natural product.

It has higher cellulose and long fibres which can make strong paper without using any chemicals.

It is technically a grass so regrows as soon as you cut it

It reaches maturity within 7 years when planted and can be harvested every year after this.
The fast growth rates mean that once properly organised, it is more commercially viable to harvest and replace in a smaller area, so there is no need to destroy ecosystems. It can be treated like a farm crop without the need for fertilisation or heavy watering.

Bamboo is naturally strong, soft and white so no need to use chemicals to achieve this.

Bamboo is biodegradable, returning to the soil and improving it without impact on global warming, keeping it out of methane producing landfills.

Bamboo is a renewable resource that also happens to be remarkably soft and strong. As a result of their versatility and renew ability, bamboo products have a much smaller environmental impact.

Bamboo is the fastest-growing plant in the world and can grow up to 35 inches per day or 1.5 inches per hour.

Is bamboo toilet paper safe to flush?

Yes, Bamboo Toilet paper Is Safe for All Sewage and Septic Systems. Not only does it break down quicker than regular toilet paper, but it's also biodegradable and it doesn't have the same harsh chemicals that other toilet paper has.