Eco Bamboo Toilet Paper Trial Bag

Because we care about our future, our environment, your pipes, your money

The perfect trial

Bamboo Toilet Paper Trial Bags.

100% Bamboo. Free from plastics. Environmentally Friendly.

Bamboo is a material that is slowly becoming more and more popular as a more sustainable option with bamboo toilet paper being a hot topic for consideration. However you may be new to the Bamboo toilet paper world and if so these trial bags are perfect for you.


6 Individually Wrapped Rolls all packed neatly in a Eco-friendly reusable shopper bag.


Our rolls are 3ply thickness. No need to worry about your fingers poking through.


our rolls are double the length of your general supermarket rolls. 370 Sheets.


Bamboo toilet paper breaks down quicker and flows through pipes with ease.

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These trial bags are a great addition to a retail space. If you would like to stock FlusheD ECO Bamboo trial bags in your business, contact us today to recieve our wholesale rates.

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Cleaning our oceans one roll at a time.

Did you know that proceeds from purchases of our FlusheD ECO Bamboo toilet paper go towards helping to clean up our oceans. This means that with every box of toilet paper you buy, you too are helping to clean up our oceans for a better future.

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