Wholesale Toilet Paper Australia

Because we care about our future, our environment, your pipes, your money

If you’re looking for a wholesale toilet paper supplier to partner with, you’ve come to the right place! Our top quality, organic bamboo toilet paper is available at wholesale rates for your business.

We believe your business facilities are just as important as your home bathroom. Because of this, Flushed ECO offers a wholesale and business bulk buy discount.

Do you fall into one of these categories?

  • Your business needs more toilet paper to cater for your staff and customers
  • You want to offer our premium bamboo toilet paper as a retail item in your business

Your customers will love our strong, but soft, organic bamboo loo paper supplied in large, individually wrapped 370 sheet rolls.

It is so important to spread the FlusheD ECO message, and we are excited that you are wanting to make a difference in your business as well.


Apply for a wholesale toilet paper account

Are you interested in signing on as a wholesale partner and receive our wholesale pricing schedule? Simply email us today at info@flushedeco.com.au to express your interest and we will reply back within 72 hours.


Can I buy toilet paper online?

Yes, toilet paper can be bought online and delivered directly to your home or office door. This makes an everyday item more accessible without having to visit a supermarket. No more hording or fighting at the checkout, and recurring subscriptions are also available, as well as wholesale for businesses.

Does all toilet paper come from China?

No, not all toilet paper comes from China, in fact manufacturing takes place all over the world including Australia and the USA. Approximately only 5% is imported from China. Bamboo toilet paper however is generally manufactured in China due to the capabilities and large bamboo forests.

How did people wipe before toilet paper?

Before toilet paper, people would use natural items including a hand made sponge on a stick, leaves, seashells, stones, corn cobs, water or snow. People also used their own hand when necessary. As time went on early Americans began using newspapers, catalogs, and magazines to wipe themselves. Thank goodness we live in the age of toilet paper!

Is there any Australian made toilet paper?

Short answer is yes, there is Australian made toilet paper with manufacturing in Queensland, Western Australia, and Victoria. This toilet paper is made from regular virgin wood or recycled toilet paper. You will likely find Australian made toilet paper in supermarkets wrapped in plastic. Bamboo toilet, however, is NOT made in Australia.

Is bamboo toilet paper safe for toilets?

Yes, bamboo toilet paper is safe for toilets. It has long been know by plumbers that bamboo loo paper fibers break down much quicker than regular toilet paper once flushed. It is also suitable for septic tanks, marine vessels, and portable toilets such as found in motor homes and caravan toilets.

Does bamboo toilet paper cause blockages?

Bamboo toilet paper does not cause blockages such as may occur when using regular toilet paper. Plumbers recommend bamboo as it breaks down much quicker without clumping in the pipes, which allows water to flow through easier. The bamboo fibers are biodegradable and will disintegrate almost completely when flushed in water.

Wholesale toilet paper Australia